• Purchase and Installation of Appliance and their Flue Systems

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    We have scoured the market to bring you the best products on the market. High Efficiency , Low Emissions and Fuel Economy are the main criteria. 

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  • Installation of appliances and their flue systems

    Free Quotes for Design and Installation

    Contact us for a free consultation and quote on the installation of one of our outstanding appliances and their flue systems.

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  • Wood and Pellet Delivery

    Locally Sourced Solid Fuels

    Find a local supplier of kiln dried efficient solid fuel. The best pellets and heating wood in the region.

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  • Local Chimney Sweeps

    Local Friendly Chimney Sweeps

    Our team of local chimneys sweeps are available all year round. Search for availability in your area and book online from our live availability calendar.

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  • Fight against pollution

    Fight Against Pollution

    Wood as a source of heating energy can be a clean and efficient way of heating your home.

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